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    My name is Huang Zeyu ((huáng)()()). In Chinese, surnames come first. So you can call me Zeyu. I am currently a PhD candidate in CSE at the HCI Lab of HKUST, supervised by Prof. MA, Xiaojuan. I also do musical acoustic research following Prof. HORNER, Andrew. Prior to that, I also earned my Bachelor’s Degree in CS and MATH at HKUST.

    I am an ENFJ that not always believe in MBTI. I love music and playing drums. I brew coffees and cook. I check out exhibitions, shops, restaurants, streets, and the unexpected. I drift off and wake, learn and forget.

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    A very handsome face of mine


    Showcase image

    Sharing Frissons among Online Video Viewers: Exploring the Design of Affective Communication for Aesthetic Chills

    Proceedings of the 2024 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '24)

    Zeyu Huang, Xinyi Cao, Yuanhao Zhang, Xiaojuan Ma

    Showcase image

    A Comparative Analysis of Violin and Erhu: Examining the Differences and Similarities through Statistical Analysis of Multiple Musical Excerpts

    Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA) 2023

    Wenyi Song, Zeyu Huang, Andrew Horner

    Showcase image

    The Emotional Characteristics of Bass Drums, Snare Drums, and Disengaged Snare Drums with Different Strokes and Dynamics

    Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA) 2023

    Student Paper Competition Winner

    Zeyu Huang, Wenyi Song, Xiaojuan Ma, Andrew Horner

    Showcase image

    CoArgue: Fostering Lurkers’ Contribution to Collective Arguments in Community-based QA Platforms

    Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '23)

    Chengzhong Liu, Shixu Zhou, Dingdong Liu, Li Junze, Zeyu Huang, Xiaojuan Ma

    Showcase image

    PlanHelper: Supporting Activity Plan Construction with Answer Posts in Community-based QA Platforms

    Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 6, CSCW2, Article 454 (CSCW '22)

    Chengzhong Liu, Zeyu Huang, Dingdong Liu, Shixu Zhou, Zhenhui Peng, Xiaojuan Ma


    Fun Facts

    About My Name

    My surname, Huang (黄; 黃 in Traditional Chinese), is one of the most common surnames in China. Apart from being a surname, it also literally means yellow — now you know where my website domain comes. My given name, Zeyu (泽宇; 澤宇 in Traditional Chinese), is also a quite popular one. That’s also why any domain name as a combination of huang and zeyu is already taken. originally means the place where water gathers (especially, pools, swamps, and magnificently large lakes). Since water is such a pure and glistening thing and a necessity for life, it also gains another meaning of to bestow favor (to something). means the universe. Therefore, together, 泽宇 means to bestow favor and show kindness to the entirety of the world.

    It is beautiful, isn’t it?

    About My HKUST Account Name

    If you ever know Mandarin Pinyin or understand Mandarin, you must have been stunned by my one-in-a-million HKUST account name. “zhuangbi” is the Mandarin Pinyin for “装逼” — a slang meaning to flaunt, to show off. But actually, it is intended to be “z” (for my given name “Zeyu”), “huang” (my surname), and a two-letter order code for all “zhuang"s since the first day of HKUST. Starting from “aa”, “ab”, and so on, I happen to get “bi”. Not many of us HKUST students have to luck to be known by a catchy account name instead of the real name. And for the past four years of my undergraduate life, people have been (and beening loving) calling me by my account name.

    My Videogame Collection

    I am a game player, but not the most typical ones. I love the experience of constant encounter with new stuff. Therefore, I seldom play online games (too competitive) and AAA games (too complicated), but I play a lot of indie puzzle and narrative games.

    Story-oriented games like What Remains of Edith Finch and The Stanley Parable are something I’d definitely recommend. For puzzle games, I want them to either come with delicate furnishings, like Gorogoa, Framed, The Witness, or be wrapped in adventures, like Machinarium (point-and-click), Fez and Portal (platform), or something new and eccentric like Return of the Obra Dinn and Superliminal.

    Beyond the two main category, I am very similar to Videogamedunkey as a die-hard fan of Mario games, and I hate RPG and turn-based combat. As Videogamedunkey said, that (counter-)preference especially stands out when I say I do like Undertale, Legend of Zelda, and Paper Mario.

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